Buyer Beware: This Face Will Try and Rip You off Selling EDC Tickets

Apologies to whoever this really is but your face is being used to scam people out of money trying to buy Electric Daisy Carnival tickets on Facebook. I know of one person who was ripped off and that’s one person too many. Another post just appeared in an EDC group on Facebook trying to sell tickets for a too good to be true price. Remember everyone, if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

It’s amazing that someone has appeared with the same setup to try and get money out of someone. The fake person will insist on Moneypak over PayPal knowing that people are desperate for a ticket and will give it a shot.

The first name the person went by was Julia McDowell and now it’s this Maria Florence. Same picture, same cheap price.

Ticket scam

If this helps prevent anyone else from getting taken advantage of it’ll be worth it. A good indication as you click through someones name is if they have just about everything hidden, very few photo’s, friends, liked pages, etc.

For more information on buying tickets please read PROTIP #38 BUYING AND SELLING TICKETS NOW THAT IT’S SOLD OUT.


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