One of the Largest Scaffolding Systems in US History

We already know that Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 in Las Vegas but how massive? The word out of the Speedway is that they’re currently building the second largest scaffolding system in United States history. What was bigger? When the Statue of Liberty was repaired and surround by scaffolding. When it comes to entertainment purposes this is expected to be the largest scaffolding build ever in the United States! No stage has ever been bigger.

Scaffolding Surrounding the Statue of Liberty

These pictures below are already a few days old but you’ll get the idea. The well has dried up with new pictures emerging from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway as I imagine workers have been asked to stop sharing them. The suspense and surprise will be worth it as we all run towards the infield of the Speedway for that first impression.

We’ll all be there soon!!! If you’re looking for for 2013 EDC Week pool parties and club events click here and for an amazing list of tips for EDC 2013 click here.

EDC 2013 Main Stage Scaffolding

EDC 2013 Setup Sunrise 3

EDC 2013 Stage Setup

EDC 2013 Stage Setup 2

We’ll keep you updated here as any new information emerges.


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