Paris Hilton is Attending EDC 2013 in Vegas

Don’t be alarmed, it’s not her first time going to an Electric Daisy Carnival so there’s no need to alarm. Paris Hilton may have jumped on the bandwagon of wanting to be a DJ but so has just about every other person who has fell in love with electronic music and a majority fail. It’s amazing how quick people are become overly protective of dance music. She’s not some newcomer to electronic dance music either. Chances are she’s been listening to this music longer than those creating the biggest ruckus about her.

Relax and party on, it’s not the end of the world. Everybody love’s a great party and we accept everyone!

Paris Hilton EDC 2013Of course I had to send her a sweet reply. Paris if you see this I am serious!

Paris Hilton EDC 2013 InviteParis I know you’re a fan of Markus too, remember when he welcomed you to the trance family?

Markus Schulz Welcomes Paris Hilton

The internet nearly exploded with that one.

Have your people get in touch with me, we have a prime spot at Tao Beach!


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