EDC Vegas ProTip #1 HAVE FUN

Thanks for reading all of the ProTip’s I’ve written and now it’s time to just be ready for THE FIRST NIGHT OF ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL 2013!! At this point everything is probably out the window and it’s time to have fun at the best festival in the world! People at home are going to be reading posts about it, seeing pictures, videos, tweets and more and be extremely jealous.

Rest up, get to the shuttle early to avoid lines and HAVE FUN!

Now, get on the dance floor and let loose like this bear – http://i.imgur.com/5MPKDzW.gif – click it to enjoy it!

Starting next week I think I’ll start a new series of posts: How to Recover From a Festival!

Keep Calm and Have Fun

Have Fun! Have Fun! Have Fun!


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