Five Acts You Don’t Want to Miss at EDC 2013

Articles like this are a dime a dozen and opinions are like, well, you know the rest, so here’s another five acts that you don’t want to miss at Electric Daisy Carnival 2013. This list has some different styles and if they aren’t your thing you should give them a chance as you might be surprised. They’ve all made names for themselves and are not one hit wonders.

Darren Styles

Follow him @DarrenStylesUK: This guy is a legend. There’s no doubt about it. If you are asking who he is that’s ok, it’s almost impossible to know of everyone in every genre around the world, especially one that isn’t big in the United States. Darren Styles has been involved in the scene for over 20 years as a raver, DJ and producer. He’s known for his happy hardcore days as part of the duo Force & Styles. He produced tracks on the trance side as Styles & Breeze. His current label would be considered UK Hardcore and will have the dance floor stomping. Check out some of his material on Soundcloud here.

“Heart of Gold” is one of the more popular tracks of all time and holds a spot in the hearts of any happy hardcore fan from the turn of the century.

Simon Patterson

Follow him @SiPatterson: You want the dark, hard and fast trance? You’re not afraid of 138? Check this guy out. Simon Patterson is going to mess with your mind. You won’t hear the fluffy pop song sing alongs trance that you’ll get from Armin van Buuren and Dash Berlin (I say that in the nicest way, I’ll be at both of their sets too and loving it). Prepare to be uplifted high into the electric sky, your adrenaline will be all jacked up once he’s done and you’ll want more.

Here’s his ASOT 600 Den Bosche set if you’d like a taste of what to expect:

Dog Blood

Follow them @DogBlood: Did you know that Skrillex is a part of Dog Blood? If so, great. If not, don’t be alarmed. This isn’t the dubstep Skrillex of 2011 that had a lot of us shoving our heads into the ground to kill the noise. Dog Blood is Skrillex and Boys Noize, two guys that know a thing or two about music. Prepare to hear a set influenced by bass music and the acid house of Boys Noize as these two combine to bring the best of both worlds. This is serious festival music should have everyone moving in the crowd. For a taste of what’s to come check out their Coachella set:

Andy C

Follow him @AndyC_ram: This guy is the reason I fell in love with drum n bass after disliking it for whatever reason. The massive big room bass that’ll have your bowels shaking. You may not believe it but drum n bass is still a massive sound all over the world, even if it’s not in the “edm top 40.” He’s another DJ/producer that has been involved with the scene for well over 20 years and continues to hold his spot in the world. Before there was trap and dubstep and moombahton there was jungle and drum n bass. Andy C and others like Dj Hype and Ed Rush & Optical have been shaking dance floors longer than some of the attendees have been alive. That’s not a shot against the young ones in any way, just showing that they are the veterans with longevity and aren’t going anywhere. Love it, learn about it, enjoy it.


Follow him @UMEK_1605: This is another DJ/producer that has been around for 20 years now and of all the techno/tech house DJs on the list this is one you will not want to miss. Depending on where you’re from he may never visit your city where you’re more likely to get a Carl Cox or Richie Hawtin tour. This DJ could be a little trickier as it’s harder for a lot of people to get into the techno/tech house sound. It’ll often sound very repetitive to the new listener but the key is to enjoy the progression and seem less mixing as the set builds. Get lost in the groove, not everything is about raging til your face falls off.

1605 Podcast 114 with Fran Lk by Umek on Mixcloud

There’s a lot of other acts you will not want to miss, this is just my five!


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