Regardless of Rotella Trial, EDC 2014 Set to Go Forward

Pasquale Rotella will be going to trial soon but don’t let that put any fear in your soul about the future of Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 and beyond in Las Vegas.

An anonymous Las Vegas Motor Speedway official shared this with the Las Vegas Weekly:

“Our contract is with Insomniac and Live Nation as a company, not Pasquale as an individual,” says a Las Vegas Motor Speedway official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as LVMS does not comment on pending legal matters. “Who knows what happens with that company [if Rotella leaves], but there’s no reason the event wouldn’t go on, no matter what happens. Plans for 2014 are set to go forward either way.”

Rave on headliners!

Pasquale is taking the whole situation seriously but confident he’ll be cleared and avoid prison. What if he is convicted? There’s a lot of creative people on the Insomniac team and they’d continue his vision of the EDC experience even with Live Nation being involved.

We’re gearing up with some new information here at The Scene is Dead and will start a series of tips to start getting ready to travel to EDC 2014 and much much more. We’ll get you prepared like no one else can!

EDC 2014 Confirmed


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