Porter Robinson Uses the Sync Button Talking about Traktor

Porter Robinson appears in a new video talking about his use of the Traktor Kontrol S4 and how he uses the Traktor software in his live sets. He discusses the simplicity and familiarity of so that he’s using the same setup everywhere he goes. He also mentions the loops and effects features that are things he says he probably couldn’t live without.

There’s also the obvious use of the sync button. It’s no secret that he uses it and you can see that it’s on in the screenshot below. Zedd is another DJ that travels with a Kontrol S4. This was a hot topic a couple of years ago and has since died down. Crowds don’t seem to mind since Porter Robinson and Zedd sell out venues and pack festival stages everywhere.

As Porter Robinson explains in the video everything he does while he’s using it you’ll understand it’s not just taking two songs and syncing them together. It’s much more than that. Guys like Porter Robinson and Zedd aren’t the only ones using a Traktor Kontrol S4 and if you think they’re cheating I’d challenge you to accomplish the same things they have.

Does the sync button even make a difference anymore to anyone besides purists? It shouldn’t.

Porter Robinson Sync Button


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