Destinations Announced for Armin Only Intense World Tour

Armin Only is a concept that started in the early days of Armin’s career. Since the first editions, the show has grown and come to life. With a new world tour, greater expectations rise. Armin van Buuren and ALDA Events have teamed up with famous theatre director Jos Thie and creative mind Sander Reneman. The two directors teamed up with the Intense crew, resulting in a completely innovative and fresh approach to an electronic dance music show.

Armin explains:

Unlike today, now that it’s all based on short sets and quick highlights, it used to be all about the long sets, the musical trips. That’s what Armin Only is based on – to take the clubbers on a 6+ hour journey into music. Through the Armin Only – Intense shows, I can tell them the full story of my ‘Intense’ album – in fact of everything I’d like to say.

The basis of Armin Only will always be a DJ set but to make it more interesting for the crowd, I’m going to try and really make the live moments almost like you would witness them in a theatre!

Expect to be blown away by an exclusive 6 hour set by Armin van Buuren, including stunning live performances, dancing acts and top-notch technical effects. These are the first destinations that have been announced earlier today:

11-15/16-2013 Amsterdam,The  Netherlands
12-28-2013 Kiev, Ukraine
01-24-2014 Mumbai, India
02-07-2014 Sofia, Bulgaria
02-08-2014 St. Petersburg, Russia
02-21-2014 Minsk, Belarus
02-22-2014 Helsinki, Finland
04-11-2014 New York, USA
04-17-2014 Chicago, USA
04-19-2014 Toronto, Canada
TBA San Francisco, USA
05-03-2014 Vancouver, Canada
05-09-2014 Los Angeles, USA
05-16-2014 Monterrey, Mexico
05-17-2014 Mexico City, Mexico
06-07-2014 Melbourne, Australia
06-08-2014 Sydney, Australia
06-14-2014 Johannesburg, South Africa
09-27-2014 Moscow, Russia

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