Seven Reasons We’re Confirming the EDC Vegas 2014 Dates

The history of Insomniac Events tells us that we can expect an official announcement about Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 in Las Vegas at any time between now and early November. That doesn’t help with the anticipation of any news and hasn’t stopped us from doing some detective work and connecting with sources to confirm the dates of the festival. We have spoken to multiple sources connected to Las Vegas hotels as well as people connected to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to confirm that Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 will be held from June 20-22, 2014.

The original seven reasons in the subject were all based on the seven hotel rates below showing the higher prices from June 20-22, 2014. That wasn’t enough so we continued work to nail down these dates.

Hotel rates will fluctuate but the differences in weekends for every major hotel is noticeably different. Those in charge that set the rates in Las Vegas are in the know about what goes on and they make sure that when there’s a larger than usual boost in reservations that the rates are slightly higher than usual. These dates have also started to become black out dates on promotions as well which only means one thing, they expect to sell out the weekend.

We’ll be back again with non-stop protips leading up to the festival and also providing the the best list of pool parties and club events during EDC Week 2014.

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The presale dates have not yet been announced but we can probably expect news at any time now. Hopefully everyone has been saving their money to purchase tickets when they go on sale to try and get the cheapest rates possible. Every hotel is starting to accept reservations and if you’re really looking to save money it can’t hurt to reserve the room you’re looking for. Just make sure to read the fine print so that you aren’t forced to pay a deposit and that you can cancel the reservation if needed without any penalty.

Here’s the rates that hotels are offering direct in June 2014:


Luxor June 2014

Circus Circus:

Circus Circus June 2014

The Cosmopolitan:

Cosmo June 2014 1

Cosmo June 2014 2

MGM Grand:

MGM Grand June 2014

Mandalay Bay:

Mandalay Bay June 2014


Bellagio June 2014

The Mirage:

Mirage June 2014

For those looking for the best deals we’d suggest booking now but make sure to read the fine print so you can cancel or change the dates as needed. See everyone in June!


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