Dancesafe Releases Mobile App for Android

A lot has happened in the dance music community in 2013 and one of the positives is that a lot of people have become more familiar with the Dancesafe organization. Dancesafe was founded in 1998 by Emanuel Sferios and quickly established itself throughout the United States as a leader in harm reduction. Harm reduction groups such as Dancesafe hand out non-biased information describing the effects of drugs and the risks associated with them. The web site has been online since the organization was founded and now they’ve taken a step forward releasing a mobile app for Android devices (an iOS version is in the works).

Anyone who has an Android phone should install this. If one of your friends has an Android phone you should tell them to install this (or install it for them). There’s information in this app that can educate you, a friend, a stranger and it can also save lives. Appreciate the app for the information it provides, don’t expect to be blown away by the design though.

The app is split into various sections, the obvious Home, Drugs, Care and Surveys.

The Drugs section has information on heroin, DMT, LSD, mushroms, 2C-B, alcohol, GHB, PCP, DXM, ketamine, poppers, nitrous oxide, marijuana, tobacco, ecstasy, speed, MDPV and cocaine. This may seem like basic information to you but don’t assume it is to everyone else. Whenever you’re out somewhere if someone asks a question take the time to open the app and let them read what’s here.

The Care section has information on overdoses, heatstroke, hearing loss, getting home safely and just some general tips. This section is great to read through on your own to be aware of these situations. Hopefully you’ll never need them but it could come in handy at some point in life whether it’s for a friend or you’re at an event and you recognize the signs of an overdose.

Surveys only has a survey to rate the app for now but Dancesafe will likely make use of this more in the future. Don’t hesitate to jump to the download link under the screenshots and install this.

One downside to the app is that it requires a data connection. You won’t be able to use the app in the middle of a large festival with no cell reception so a recommendation is to familiarize yourself with the information in the app and not rely on it in an emergency.

Here’s some screenshots:

Dancesafe App - Main Screens

Dancesafe App - Drugs Overdoses Info Screens

To download click/tap the Google Play button here:

Android App on Google Play


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