Stop Stressing About Presale Tickets

When Pasquale Rotella posts on Facebook, sends out a Tweet or uploads a picture to Instagram picture related to EDC Las Vegas the world stops, reads it, likes it, retweets it, hearts it, shares it, tries to figure it out and then starts asking a million questions about it.

On Tuesday afternoon he sent out a tweet saying:


The Instagram link he went on to say:

EDCLV dates will be announced this month as well as onsale info. 1st batch of tix will be exclusively avail to last years purchasers only. I’m crazy excited! #edc#onelove

So, what does that really mean? Does it mean you have to use the same credit card? The same Flavorus account? What if my friend bought my ticket last year but isn’t going this year? What if my girlfriend bought the tickets but we broke up? What if I went but bought my ticket off the internet? What if I won a ticket? WHAT DO WE DO? All sorts of random freaking out questions like that popped up online and they’re all stressing too much.

Back in July he had stated they were going to try to work out a presale with Flavorus and that it’d to be tied into your Flavorus account since many people are often changing credit cards. If this is the case and it wasn’t your account that bought the tickets than too bad, just wait until the general admission sale. It’s not a big deal. The partnership with Live Nation could also mean that they’ll use Ticketmaster at which point there could be a promo code emailed to 2013 ticket buyers. Again, likely tied into the email address of the Flavorus account.

EDC Las Vegas 2014 will sell out but it’ll take some time. The benefit to the pre-sale ticket prices is a cheaper rate but even once those sell out there’ll still be a lot of tickets left. The entire lot of 115,000 three day passes will not be put on sale and sell out in one day. The festival has grown in size and popularity since it moved to Las Vegas in 2011 but the past two years have still taken months to sell out.

For 2013 EDC Vegas tickets the initial presale price was $199 and those tickets were sold out in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes in early November. They went very fast. The second tier tickets were priced at $259 and there was more than enough time for anyone to buy them that day that wanted to. The rest of the tickets went on sale in January and didn’t sell out until April. We all want to save money but compared to how much everyone will spend on clothes, costumes, pool parties, hotels, flights, gambling, alcohol and who knows what else the difference in cost is not that big of a deal.

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You’ll have more than enough time to buy your tickets so don’t freak out when thousands of other people beat you to the cheapest prices!


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