Adam Beyer Announces He Will be at EDC Las Vegas 2014

The lineup for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas could come out any day now or it may not come out until the first week in June. Some people consider that insanity. Most have just accepted that because just about everyone will be there and there’s so much more to the festival than just the lineup and we’re going no matter what. Having said all of that though, it’s still fun when artists leak out that they’ll be playing.

Adam Beyer is one of few that has done any of the above. At the end of his recent Drumcode Radio Live broadcast he mentioned his tour of the United States and that he’ll be back for EDC NY (which we already know) and that he’ll also be appearing at EDC Las Vegas.

Who else has been confirmed? View the EDC Las Vegas 2014 Lineup with the few names that have been confirmed.

Scroll to 48:55 of the broadcast below to hear for yourself.

For those who’ve never seen him before, listen to the above which is an hour recorded from his recent performance in Los Angeles. Below is two video clips of his EDC Las Vegas 2013 set.

See everyone at Neon Garden for some techno!


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