Toronto Bans Electronic Music Events on Some City Property

Toronto Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti fired up a time machine and sent us back to over a decade ago when there was a war on raves across North America. A city committee voted 4-3 on Friday to ban electronic music events from city owned property located at Exhibition Place, an area consisting of many large buildings typically used for conventions. The wide open environment of the buildings has made them a great venue for electronic music going back more than 15 years. It’s currently being reported that events have annually generated $1 Million in revenues for the city.


“[We’re] talking 5600 kids, many of them taking ecstasy on government lands owned by the taxpayers, I just think it’s wrong to be sending that message,” he said. “I don’t see the logic in that, if the private industry wants to have the venues in a private location then so be it.”

Think of the children!! It’s all about the safety of the kids. This isn’t anything new though. The City of Toronto has a long history of battling against electronic music events and raves but almost 15 years after the first battle began the music still lives on. The loss of a few large venues won’t negatively impact a massive music scene in Toronto.

Councillor Mike Layton was one of the three to vote against the notion sharing the two tweets below. Councillor Gord Perks was another and his remarks along with other remarks by Layton were shared by Toronto Sun reporter Don Peat below.

There’s still a number of large venues available in Toronto. There’s also a number of underground events that have always happened and will continue to happen. It’s baffling that here we are in 2014 and the music industry is bigger than ever and some officials are taking a ban it approach rather than safety measures along with revenues. History has proven pushing a problem off on someone else isn’t the way to fix something.

Update: THUMP has posted a more in depth article on the situation that paints the situation as politically motivated and tied into an existing nightclub on city property. Read it here.





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