10 Thoughts from a 10-Year-Old After Seeing Krewella

Krewella stopped in Rochester, NY on Thursday night for an all ages show on their Verge Campus Tour 2014 and there was a 10-year-old kid on a school night in the crowd checking out the show and I got his thoughts afterwards.

So, who would bring a 10-year-old kid to an all ages event to see Krewella? I did, he’s my son. Go ahead, start judging me. I’ve been going to electronic music events for a long time and my son knows the love that I have for electronic music. He has seen the videos from festivals and mentions how cool they look so when the opportunity presented itself to take him to a concert I didn’t hesitate. The event was held on the floor of what is normally used for a hockey rink, this wasn’t in a club or a typical concert hall.

Leading up to the event I didn’t influence his thoughts in any way about how I felt about Krewella. He was familiar with “Alive” and “Live for the Night” because they are often played on top 40 radio so he knew who we were going to see.

Here’s what his thoughts were:

“They totally messed that up. The original is better.” This was after they played a remix/mashup of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

“I can tell they are lip syncing, it’s too good to be live.”

“They swear too much.”

“Its boring. Everyone just looks at the stage.”

“I’d rather see Markus Schulz or Major Lazer.”

“I thought there was going to be a volcano, it was diamonds.”

“I’m not a hugger, tell your friends who like DJs to stop trying to hug me, it’s annoying.” Old school ravers always hug.

“I only go to rinks to play or watch hockey, never again for DJs.” He’s a hockey player and often plays hockey at the same location the event was held.

“That was the worst music people ever came up with.”

“I could DJ better than them because they don’t even DJ.”

Where did he get the names Markus Schulz and Major Lazer from in his thoughts above? I help run the Schulz Army and he knows that I’m a fan of Markus Schulz and we listen to his music often. As for Major Lazer, he’s a kid. He’s heard Bubble Butt.

Krewella Rochester NY 20140508_211203

He may not have liked it but it was an experience. And no, there wasn’t anyone smoking anything funny. There wasn’t anyone drinking and spilling beer around us. There wasn’t anyone high around us. There wasn’t anyone at all within a good 20 to 30 feet around us. I’m sure someone will challenge me in terms of whether or not this was the place for a kid to be and I say yes, it was for my kid.

We’ve been to sporting events where people have gotten into fist fights and seen people falling over drunk. There’s been other sports events where people have been gotten into loud and vulgar verbal arguments nearby. Did any of that happen at an this concert? Nope. Was there funny stuff going on in the crowd down on the floor? Of course. That doesn’t mean we had to stay at home watching the Disney channel all night.

Krewella Rochester NY 20140508_213220


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