2014 ProTip #33: Know Your Rights at the Festival Gates

What many of you may not know is that there is more than just one person who can approve or deny certain items. Naturally we always believe the security guards that do the frisking and check your bags have the power to make the final decisions. EDC Las Vegas and Insomniac provides you with another option if you believe your item should be allowed in.

There are Insomniac Safety rep present at each gate that have the power to overrule the lower ranked guards at the front lines. These reps are available upon request and are available to everyone who believes the item being denied should be allowed. Last year I witnessed this first hand when a security guard told a festival goer that his backpack was not allowed in because of its length. The attendee argued it was not a back pack but a CamelBak. After 5 minutes or so of them going back and forth a Insomniac Safety rep approached from behind the gates and overruled the first guards judgement and ushered the headliner to get his ticket swiped and begin his festivities.

Pasquale Rotella also provides additional clarification to headliners on some of the prohibited and acceptable items via Q &A on Twitter, read more here .

Below is the updated list of approved and denied items listed in the 2014 festival guidelines on the EDC Las Vegas website


NO Illegal Substances
NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
NO Pets
NO Massagers
NO Laser Pointers
NO LED Gloves or LED Microlights used for Light Shows
NO Pacifiers, Dust Masks, Gas Masks
NO Eyedrops (available inside festival at the General Store)
NO Glass, Cans, Cups or Coolers
NO Markers, Pens or Spray Paint
NO Large Chains or Spiked Jewelry
NO Stickers, Flyers
NO Balls or Frisbees
NO Tents, Large Umbrellas, Chairs or Blankets
NO Backpacks Over 12″ × 12″
NO Bota Bags
NO Large Purses or Bags (Anything Over 12″ × 12″)
NO Open Packs of Cigarettes or Unsealed Tampons (Upon Entry)
NO Outside Food or Beverages (Including Alcohol and Candy)
NO Weapons of any Kind (Includes Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Fireworks, etc.)
NO Professional Recording Equipment – Photo, Video, or Audio (No Detachable Lenses, DSLR Cameras, Tripods, Big Zooms or Commercial Use Rigs)


YES Small Bags, Single Compartment Backpacks and Purses (maximum 12″ × 12″)
YES Reusable Insomniac Aluminum Water Bottles (must be empty upon entry)
YES Fanny Packs
YES Non-Professional Flash/Still Cameras
YES Cell Phones
YES Sunglasses
YES Hats
YES Lighters
YES Make up
YES Sealed Packs of Cigarettes
YES Sealed/Wrapped Tampons
YES Earplugs
YES Sealed Chapstick and Lipgloss
YES Glowsticks
YES String Glowstick/LED Poi is permitted but must be performed 5′ away from others (Please be responsible!)
YES Glowing/Illuminated Costumes or Jewelry
YES Sealed Packs of Gum
YES Camel Backs (empty upon entry)
YES Hula Hoops (including LED Hula Hoops)
YES Inflatables (must be deflated upon entry)
YES Flags/Banners or Handmade Signs (No corporate or company branded)
YES Decorated Pool Noodles known as Festival Totems!
YES Handheld Camera Devices (e.g., Sony Action Cam, GoPro)


Need more information? Have questions? Here’s some additional links:


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