2014 ProTip #34: Think About What You’ll Need to Bring

Have you started making a list of what you’ll need to pack? It’s not a bad time to start thinking about it since we’re only a month away from Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014. There’s also a good chance most people only have a few paychecks left before the festival which could make money tight.

Are you going to a pool party? Make sure you have a bathing suit and sandals. Unless you live in a warm weather area chances are your pool gear is at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. View our Las Vegas pool party guide for more details if you’re unfamiliar with the pool party atmosphere.

Are you going to any night clubs? Most people have “nice clothes” to wear to a club with a dress code but if you’re one of the few who doesn’t it’s time to go shopping.

Are you wearing a different costume each night of the festival? Don’t wait any longer to get everything you need if you are. If you’re ordering something custom-made from a Etsy or anywhere else make sure you get a confirmation that it’ll be delivered in time.

Check your CamelBak from the 2013 festival season to make sure it’s not leaking, moldy or gross in some other way (Click here to find out how to clean and check your CamelBak). A good time to go buy a new bladder if there’s something wrong with it. For those who don’t have a CamelBak, start shopping for one! Every camping or sporting goods store will carry them. The best suggestion is to put it on and jump around to see how it feels.

This may sound like an obvious one but do you have a suit case? Don’t wait until the week before to try to find a friend or family member with one that you can borrow!

For a more detailed list of what to pack view 2013 ProTip #7 The Essential Packing ListGo through the list and see what you have and what you’ll need. The earlier you’re ready the less stressed you’ll be and the less money you’ll spend in a crazy scramble to get it all done days before you leave.

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A protip a day every day, #1 will be the day we walk into EDC Las Vegas 2014! For those counting, yes, we’ve missed a couple.


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