Free WiFi Access to Snapchat and Insomniac App at EDC

A cell signal for voice, text or data may be impossible to find at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway but along with today’s lineup announcement Insomniac has also posted that there will be free WiFi access to Snapchat and the Insomniac App.

What about WiFi access to the rest of cyberspace? Don’t count on it. Hopefully there’ll be enough bandwidth to handle this as it is for a record number of people using Snapchat in one location.

If you aren’t familiar with Snapchat it’s time for you to download and get the hang of it! It’s an app that will allow you to send pictures, short video clips and messages.

The info they’ve posted is pretty straight forward:

Snapchat will provide everyone at EDC with free wifi access to Snapchat and the Insomniac app so you can continue to share unforgettable moments with friends while staying safe and informed. Download the apps today!

Download it now:



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