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Five Things that EDC Could Improve in 2015

There always improvements that can be made to any event and while EDC does improve year after year there’s still some things that they could improve to make it a better experience for everyone. These are borderline nitpi...
by Keith Wozniak


Free WiFi Access to Snapchat and Insomniac App at EDC

A cell signal for voice, text or data may be impossible to find at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway but along with today’s lineup announcement Insomniac has also posted that there will be free WiFi access to Snapchat and the ...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Vegas ProTip #65 Bring a WiFi Router to Share Your Rooms Connection

It’s safe to say that your room will not have WiFi and you and your friends will be stuck without internet on your phones while in your room. There’ll be a wired connection for one computer if someone brings a lapto...
by Keith Wozniak