EDMbiz Opening Party June 17 with Crystal Method

The 2014 EDMbiz Expo and Conference kicks off in less than a week and Drais has announced the opening party on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 by celebrating 20 years of The Crystal Method. The event is what Drai’s is calling a Yacht Club party and is free to EDMbiz badge holders and tickets are $20 for ladies and $40 for guys.


Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan originally met in Las Vegas in 1988 before eventually moving to Los Angeles and is the reason for the name their debut album, ‘Vegas’. That album featured the hit singles “Trip Like I Do” and “Busy Child”.

“It’s been two decades since this started, and electronic music has enjoyed a huge resurgence,” says Ken Jordan. “We wanted to reintroduce ourselves to the world here. The name itself signifies twenty years of doing this. It represents a great deal of hard work, fun, and rewards. It’s simply who we are.” Scott Kirkland adds, “Actually, we hate coming up with album titles, and it was just easier to call it The Crystal Method. It’s a Walter White-approved name!”

“When we started in Vegas it was still Tom Jones, Wayne Newton, and Frank Sinatra headlining on the strip,” adds Jordan. “It’s kind of funny that today its Steve Aoki, Tiësto and Avicii. If someone had told us that electronic music would be the biggest headlining attraction when we started, we would never have believed them.”

The Crystal Method has recently released a new self titled album that immediately vaulted to number one on the iTunes Electronic Albums chart. You can listen to their weekly radio show Community Service that airs on SiriusXM Electro.

Listen to recent episodes of Community Service:


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