Dennis Sheperd Responds, He Was Not Beatport Banned

If it’s on the internet it has to be true, right? Not quite. The internet has been a buzz with a new social media account that has popped up called Beatport Banned and features tracks that have been removed from Beatport. The assumption is that the tracks have been banned for fake sales to increase the track on its charts because if a track is charting it’ll generate more sales. A new artist with a chart topping track will immediately gain attention in any genre of music. All of this comes from a May 11, 2014 on Beatport titled, Cheating: The Costs and the Consequences.

Christopher Lawrence wrote on his Facebook page, “Rumors have been floating around that Beatport is fed up with labels and artists rigging the charts. It hurts Beatport’s credibility, as well as taking up chart positions which rightfully belong to others. The good news is Beatport has introduced a new policy of banning those caught cheating.”

The account has names like Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Avicii, David Guetta, Gareth Emery, Ben Gold, Chuckie, EC Twins, Ronski Speed, Kyau & Albert and Dennis Shepard as BANNED. The only problem is that in the case of Dennis Shepard he was not banned.

His track Runaway produced along with Cold Blue featuring vocals by JES is still available, it was not banned, it was just a mix up and the track that is listed as banned was removed by him.

PURCHASE THE TRACK HERE | Link that was removed

He wrote on Facebook, “the mix was released on 5th of May and is still available! Due to a distribution mistake we had another release on 19th of May with the exact same mix (Original Mix) that we removed OURSELVES! Somehow this Beatport Banned site just tracks if a release disappears on Beatport and if so it immediately just tags it as banned!”

Simple and easy explanation. Obviously not banned.

The site also lists Kyau & Albert as having their track “Are You One Of Us?” as being banned but it’s still available. Purchase Here.

Everyone would love to see the activity of fake purchases stopped and let real purchases speak for themselves. Everyone would love to see Facebook likes being banned and the same with fake Twitter followers but at the same time we also need to be careful that we don’t go on witch hunts and start pointing fingers just because an unknown social media account says so.

Could some of the tracks listed by Beatport Banned have really violated some sort of terms of service with Beatport? Definitely. Not all of them though. Social media is great, the wealth of immediate information is amazing but convicting people of being guilty in an instant is something we all need to be cautious of even if it doesn’t generate any clicks.

Where are these Beatport Banned accounts? Do a search for them and you’ll find them.


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