2014 Helicopter Rides to EDC Almost Sold Out

A lot has been written about the EDC shuttle services both official and unofficial. There’s the option of paying a big chunk of change and taking a taxi. The option of using your own car or renting a car is also an option. All of those will take you a minimum of at least 30 minutes with the shuttles even longer once you factor in the time standing in line.

How does 15 minutes sound? Taking a helicopter from to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will only take you 15 minutes!

It’ll also cost you at least $500 for a one-way trip or $800 for a round trip.

Bassnectar hijacked David Guetta’s helicopter at EDC 2011 and posted a short video of what it’s like to fly over the festival:

Find your credit card and call Marc Jay at (702) 528-2739 or send an email to marc@oneglobalevents.com and reserve your ride today.

EDC 2014 Helicopter Rides


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