Five Things that EDC Could Improve in 2015

There always improvements that can be made to any event and while EDC does improve year after year there’s still some things that they could improve to make it a better experience for everyone. These are borderline nitpicking but little enhancements that could go a long way for everyone involved.

Share in the comments if you have any other thoughts beyond these.

1. Light up the free water stations. Insomniac has led the way in festivals with their free water refill stations throughout the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and they are evenly spread throughout the festival grounds but are often tucked against another booth and when people are lined up they can tough to find, even when one is sober. It’s not a dire situation to spend a few extra minutes finding the water stations but it’d certainly save people from walking in circles or giving up and spending $5 on a bottle of water.

2. The garbage situation. It can’t be easy getting 130,000 people to try to use garbage cans or have a staff picking up garbage all night but as the sun began to rise in the morning it was disgusting. When a person is deep in the middle of a crowd it’s doubtful they’ll walk away to find a garbage can but maybe some sort of campaign to encourage everyone to hold on to their trash could go a long way. After the event was over I learned of the recycle stations where you could turn in bottles in exchange for things like merchandise or even an upgrade to VIP.

3. Shuttle communications. Anyone who took the official shuttles experienced a long wait time and long ride home after the first night due to numerous accidents on the roads which impacted everyone. The second two nights were stellar service. That first ride back though was brutal and no one knew what was going on. At that time everyone is tired and sweaty after a long night and having someone announce there were some accidents or at least acknowledging the delays could go a long way to calming the nerves of everyone waiting.

4. Pave the bassPod area. This may not be possible depending on how the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is used but it’s hard to imagine a reason they need to have a large area covered in stones like that. There were many people who took a fall from slipping on rocks or even worst twisted an ankle because of the rocks along with water bottles on the ground. Thinking about the millions of dollars that are spent on stage design and construction would it really be that much to think about paving this area? There’s enough of an economic impact on Las Vegas that someone could probably be convinced to do this for Insomniac.

5. Setup WiFi hot spot areas. One of the big news items before EDC was the partnership between Insomniac and SnapChat to provide WiFi capabilities to those two apps but it didn’t exist. Anyone who was able to connect should feel very fortunate because most people weren’t able to connect. Setting up certain areas with WiFi access would be a major benefit for everyone trying to communicate whether it’s inside the festival or with those outside. Cellular service was better than any of the previous years but there’s a lot of people who travel from outside of the country who don’t want to pay roaming fee’s. For those looking to get access they probably wouldn’t hesitate to sign up with a company to get this access.

Water, garbage, transportation, the ground to dance on and WiFi. Some essentials of the festival life!


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