EDC Las Vegas Arrests and Medical Calls 2011 to 2014

After every major electronic music event there’s always a close eye on the number of arrests and medical incidents by both fans of the events and also by the media. There’s always reasons to try to find ways for party goers to stay out of the hospital and out of jail but at the same time the numbers are pretty low for an event the size of Electric Daisy Carnival.

The numbers increased in 2014 over previous years but attendance also increased drastically. It could be easy to try to compare numbers to a NASCAR event or any other concert with a different kind of music but our scene needs to just own up to these numbers and always find ways to lower them.

It’s also worth noting that medical calls can be anything like a splinter, stubbed toe, a cut, twisted ankle, sunburn, headaches and of course more extreme cases like dehydration and drug overdoses.

Here’s some numbers to compare:

_____________ _____ _____ _____ _____
2011 2012 2013 2014
Medical Calls: *330 485 614 794
Admitted to hospital: 17 16 9 25
Traffic citations: 1 0 16 8
DUI alcohol arrests: 3 0 1 5
DUI drug arrests: n/a 0 1 n/a
Traffic accidents: n/a 5 7 12
Felony arrests: 27 62 53 73
Misdemeanor arrests: 31 8 6 21
Misdemeanor citations: n/a n/a n/a 27
Concert ejections: 51 130 63 136
Attendance per night: 80,000 107,000 115,000 134,000

* 2011 medical call numbers could only be found for the first two nights.

As you start to plan for EDC 2015 make sure to stay safe and healthy so you aren’t one of these numbers.


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