You Controlled the Vibe at EDC with Over 130k People

The vibe is something that is always brought up during and after any electronic music event and will often generate a large discussion depending on what a person is saying. These conversations are natural but also need to be put into perspective. You controlled the vibe and that vibe you experienced will often be different from the person standing next to you, behind you, in front of you or on the opposite side of the festival.

The only vibe that anyone can talk about is their own, not the entire festival. Just because one person had a bad time does not mean that the other 129,999+ people did as well. Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 was one massive and amazing party that will be looked back on some day as an event that we can’t believe happened and you helped control the vibe.

This isn’t to say there weren’t jerks in the crowd with grumpy faces pushing and shoving their way through a crowd but that’s such a small moment you should be able to just brush it off and move on. You could even take things to the next level and share a smile with them. Were you one of those grumpy jerks? If so, figure out why and make changes so you don’t repeat that again.

The amount of people this year at EDC Las Vegas was more than ever before which brought a much more diverse crowd but that’s not a bad thing. We’re a culture of embracing the differences in all of us and coming together for one main reason, to dance and party. Take a new person under your wing and show them a good time. Educate them. We were all new at one time and had to learn in some way. I’ve been going to raves for 15 years and one thing I’ve noticed that changes more than anything else is us as individuals.

Another factor that plays into the vibe a person experiences is drugs and alcohol. This is something that isn’t often mentioned but should be. There’s no denying that people enhance their experience with substances but they can also severely impact your mood and mindset where little things set you off that shouldn’t. You may want to think about what you’re putting into your body if other people had a real impact on your experience.

One thing is certain though, this isn’t about the festival becoming mainstream. If you think that than I have some bad news for you, that happened many years ago. Music festivals of this size aren’t underground and if that’s what you’re looking for than you’re at the wrong place.

At an event the size of Electric Daisy Carnival you should have been the one to control the vibe and create an amazing atmosphere. Choose your own adventure, don’t let others control your experience. Keep that in mind when you’re going to any concert, club, festival or gathering of any type.


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