EDC Las Vegas Will Be Only One Weekend in 2015



Earlier this year during an interview with Las Vegas Weekly Pasquale Rotella, CEO of Insomniac was asked if he was thinking about expanding EDC Vegas to two weekends. He responded,



[quote]”Absolutely I would think about that. I go back and forth about it. I’m going to reconsider it after this year and see how it goes. But it’s something that makes a lot of sense in regards to doing a crazy production, because you can spread the production costs over two weekends and really make things make sense. It’s hard to make these budgets make sense. People think that everyone’s getting rich off it, but it’s very difficult; it’s very expensive. Two weekends would help us to do even maybe a little more. I think it’s good enough, but there are people who want to go who can’t go. I don’t know if two weekends is too big, but I’m going to feel it out coming out of this year.”[/quote]

Pasquale’s comments that he would “Absolutely” think about expanding EDC to two consecutive weekends spread rapidly through the internet after a few blogs picked it up and it erupted into a huge debate. Shortly after that Insomniac posted a poll which asked,



Some say multiple festivals would dilute the experience, some are drawing comparisons to Ultra and Coachella, and others are just figuring out how to get 10 days off work to stay in Vegas the entire time. Where do you stand on this? Should EDC Las Vegas run back-to-back weekends?

Insomniac will be making a big announcement about EDC Las Vegas 2015 on Tuesday, Nov 18th


with information on festival dates, ticket onsale date, ticket prices and payment plan details.

But one important detail that everyone was waiting to find out was tweeted by Pasquale, OneWeekendEDC For those festival goers that were hoping for only one weekend, you’re in luck for 2015!  Will EDC Las Vegas ever become a two weekend festival? The debate is still continuing from a few people who claim they’ve heard from inside sources that EDC Las Vegas will be two weekends in 2016. That’s a long way off and with the excitement about EDC Las Vegas 2015 building with the upcoming announcement on Tuesday, November 18th, first things first. Let’s enjoy the next EDC Las Vegas in 2015 before speculating and worrying about details for the one in 2016 that’s over a year-and-a-half away.


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