Local Economy Boosted by Almost $1 Billion from EDC Las Vegas

Since Electric Daisy Carnival debuted in Las Vegas in 2011, the three-day event held annually at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, has generated an estimated almost $1 billion for the residents, businesses and local governments within Clark County, Nevada over the past four years.  According to economic data provided to Insomniac by Beacon Economics, LLC., EDC Las Vegas continues to see unprecedented economic growth every year, producing for the local economy an estimated total of $136 million in 2011, $207 million in 2012, $278 million in 2013 and most recently $337.8 million in 2014.

Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac’s Founder and CEO, said:

“I’m so excited that a culture which started out years ago with such humble beginnings has evolved into a festival capable of generating almost $1 billion for Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. It’s really overwhelming when I think about it, and I’m grateful that our fans love a city that I hold so close to my heart and now call home.”

EDC festival goers, called “Headliners” by Insomniac, not only attend the three-day EDC festival but also attend nightclub and dayclub events in Las Vegas during what is referred to as EDC Week. Total direct spending by festival goers was estimated at $156.6 million in 2014:

  • Food and beverage: $54.3 million
  • Accommodations: $30.2 million
  • Gaming: $23.5 million
  • Transportation:  $18.6 million
  • Entertainment: $16.8 million
  • Retail: $13.2 million

Insomniac spending was responsible for an impact of $81.2 million (excluding the cost of talent).

Take a look at the interesting data in this infographic which is based on a 2014 study commissioned by Insomniac.


*Beacon Economics estimated the amount of spending generated by EDC Las Vegas using data collected via a comprehensive survey of tens of thousands of attendees and data provided by Insomniac.




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