EDC ProTip: Surviving Your First EDC

So, you’ve made the decision to attend your first EDC. Your ticket and shuttle pass have arrived, and your flight and hotel are both booked.  You’re now eagerly counting down the days, if not hours, minutes and seconds until the moment you walk down the stairs of the speedway for your unforgettable adventure under the electric sky.

The excitement and stress of buying your ticket and booking a hotel while quite literally thousands of people are trying to do the same, as well as the extremely detail oriented planning required for your weekend (or week!) in Las Vegas can be overwhelming, and once these essentials are locked in, it can be easy to breathe a sigh of relief and resume your countdown. I hate to break it to you, but your planning and preparation is not over yet.

This is the moment when you may begin to have so many questions all the excitement may have prevented you from asking yourself earlier. What should I expect? What should I bring?

Thankfully, a vast amount of knowledge from EDC veterans is available in many corners of the internet, empowering YOU, the first timer, to prepare yourself and learn from the mistakes of these veterans. Here are some tips that I’ve gathered from my own experience, as well as more seasoned EDC headliners.

Las Vegas is a desert so this should be a no brainer, but its easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to drink water. Water is free at EDC – make time to go get it! Most EDC vets swear by CamelBaks, and there are often sales on them through various online outlets.

Make your decisions early – you don’t want to run around the speedway figuring out where to go next. Know the set times and the locations of the stages and know there might be set time conflicts. Decide which sets are a priority for you, and coordinate this with your friends.

Sunscreen / Skin Care
The Las Vegas sun is unforgiving in the summer. Wear. Sunscreen. A sunburn can make a fun weekend a very uncomfortable weekend know your skin type – is your skin dry or oily? Find something that works for you and keep your skin moisturized. Your face will thank you. I personally recommend Skyn Iceland products. While pricey, they’re very rewarding for one’s skin after a long day and night.

Shoes / Clothes
Like any music festival, EDC involves a lot of walking, but the week is also coupled with walking on the strip. Anyone who has been to Vegas knows that your feet can wear out quickly, which can literally cramp up your whole day. Avoid walking the strip in flip flops or sneakers with little foot and ankle support if possible. Besides bringing or investing in a sturdy pair of shoes for EDC you don’t mind ruining a little, consider slip ons for the dayclubs instead, and think about purchasing in-sole support for your EDC shoes, dayclub shoes and dress shoes if you plan on dressing up for the nightclubs. Know the dress codes for where you’re going. For example, some dayclubs do not permit tank tops, and some nightclubs are dressier than others. Last year, some dayclubs weren’t allowing kandi due to the possibility of the beads becoming clogged in the pool’s filtration system. Check the club websites and call in advance.

IDs and Credit Cards
Losing your ID can ruin your entire experience. You need your ID for anything and everything in Vegas – from getting into the clubs as well as EDC itself, to purchasing age restricted items and checking into your hotel. Bring both your ID and passport if you one and store one in the safe in your hotel room. Make copies of everything in case you misplace them. Make sure to call your bank ahead of time to avoid your card being flagged, this is likely to happen in Vegas.

Let yourself rest and eat!
Try and space out pool party, nightclub events and EDC evenings to allow one or more rest days. Keep healthy, non perishable snacks (fruit, nuts, granola bars, water) to start your day with some food and energy. Start and end your days with a large glass of water. And most importantly, get a lot of rest before hand – we all know we won’t be getting much once EDC week kicks off.

Have a good time and laugh at your own mistakes, and remember to take mental notes along the way to prepare for next year as you learn.

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