EDC Las Vegas 2015: Day 1 Recap

After picking up my media badge from the Aria and getting prepped for the first day of this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival, we were finally on our way to the speedway. Taking the Aria shuttle, it took roughly 1.5 hours to get to the event. I honestly did not expect to get there any sooner due to the amount of Friday traffic and the usual issues that shuttles bring.

Photo Credit: aLive Coverage for Insomniac

We arrived to the event and security was the same slow pace as always. Entering the speedway at roughly 9:30pm made us unable to catch the opening artists, but it was all made up for after seeing EDC in it’s full glory. We caught the Bixel Boys at the Cosmic Meadow, then did a full walk around the entire speedway to make sure we knew where everything was. Heading back to the Cosmic Meadow for Flume, we were graced with some amazing beats that brought back memories from Coachella 2014. I wanted to check out the Kinetic Field and the upgraded VIP amenities that were there so I headed over after Flume for Kaskade’s set there. I got the full view of the speedway during his set as I jumped on the VIP only Ferris Wheel and took in the entire atmosphere of the set.

Photo Credit: Marc
Photo Credit: Marc van der Aa

Kaskade had announced on twitter earlier this week that he would again play a special Redux set on the Mayan Art Car and so I hung out over by the raised stage in which the electric caterpillar was stationed to get a good shot of the set. After dancing for nearly an hour and realizing that I had become physically exhausted, we decided to leave for the hotel to get some rest.

As expected, the shuttles leaving took nearly 3 hours from the speedway to the hotel. Granted we were on the Aria shuttle which seemed to move quicker than the Linq or other shuttles, but it seemed anyone leaving after 3am took quite a bit of time to get home.

There has been a lot of negative posts and people complaining about things online, and it saddening. People have been complaining about the size of the main stage as well as a slough of other issues and I’ll address them in my full view.



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