EDC Las Vegas 2015: Day 2 Recap

Traffic problems had died down on day 2, due to a combination of the lack of rush hour traffic and a more coordinated shuttle team. I’m sure people still will have complaints but oh well, Insomniac can’t please everyone. We arrived at the speedway around 8pm, giving us some time to check out the end of Thomas Gold’s set and then a good portion of 3lau at the Circuit Grounds.

aLive Coverage for Insomniac

It was panda day for my rave family and I, so we were decked out in panda hoods and clothes and simply could not miss Deorro’s set at the mainstage. After seeing him twice at Coachella, I was excited to see him play the mainstage at EDC. His set was great and everyone had a blast bouncing around to his hits. Finishing his set with “Five Hours”, it led into Avicii’s set. Honestly, I have never seen Avicii at any show ever so I gave him a chance this go around. His set was alright but wasn’t anything remarkable, hearing him drop “Levels” was a treat.

aLive Coverage for Insomniac

Above & Beyond was up next and quite possibly was the best set of the night. They definitely brought the feels with their set and treated us to some of their old and new hits. One of the best surprises was having Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, press the button for the drop in their track named after him. They ended with a slideshow celebrating not only Father’s Day but also highlighting special moments from past events and life.

Marc van der Aa for Insomniac

The Circuit Grounds were calling my name because Eric Prydz was playing. His lasers were on point and I’m so glad that the upgraded side stages allowed for a more amazing experience than I could have imagined. We ended our night at Cosmic Meadow for Duke Dumont Live and Justin Martin, chilling out and just relaxing to retain as much energy as we could for the next night.

On to EDC Day 3.



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