Nocturnal Wonderland 2015: Celebrating My Own 20th Anniversary of the Festival

I’ve been attending Nocturnal Wonderland since the beginning. It was a magical experience the first time I attended with the love of my life. We attended the first few Nocturnal Festivals together until she passed. It was an experience that I will never forget it. All the amazing people who I’ve met and all the great music I’ve gotten to listen to live. The only time I was ever down and out, was when I found out that there wasn’t going to be an event in 2002. Divine Playground on Labor Day Weekend. It was a line up that we really wanted to see. But unfortunately due to financial difficulties and other issues that might have occurred. The event was never held. The year before we had all gathered at Lake Havasu on a landing strip. One of the best sets that was Bunny & DC of Rabbit in the Moon. Not many people can say that they went to a music event at an airport. It was so crazy to meet up with people from out-of-state since I had been used to just meeting up with Southern California ravers. I was hoping in 2002 that we’d be able to have the event at Lake Dolores. I had so much fun when I attended EDC there. It’s crazy how old is scene has grown so much to where we’ve expanded from a one day event to two or three days. The two things that have remained are the constant participation from old school DJs and the keeping the good vibes alive. I can honestly say this year will be the best one of all time. The unity and diversity of the lineup and crowd will far exceed everyone’s expectations. We’ve come a long way. It’s just the beginning.

I’ve already settled in to my piece of camping paradise and I’m looking forward to enhancing the experience with my fellow headliners for this epic Labor Day Weekend.



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