EDC ProTip: Rent a Locker With Friends

You’re going to a three-day festival with thousands of people and you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff around with you, so what do you do with it? Rent a locker! Lockers are approximately 8″H x 12″W x 18″D, so there should be plenty of room for a few friends to share a locker for the weekend! The lockers are currently only $75 for all three days and if split among a group of people it’s pocket change compared to how much the rest of the festival costs.


How do the lockers work? Walk up to the table they’ll have set up by the lockers. Show them your ID and they’ll mark you off the locker reservation list. Then they’ll hand you a wristband with the locker combination. It’s that simple! One thing we also suggest is that you take a photo of the combination and one of the locker number just in case you forget which locker is yours or the paper wristband rips off during all of the fun you’re having dancing at the festival!

From there you can hand out the combination to others, just trust those you’re giving it out to if you plan on keeping valuables in the locker.

Here’s some reasons to rent a locker that’ll make it worth it:

1. Buy merchandise the moment you walk into the festival and then stash it in your locker the rest of the night. No worries about carrying it, dirtying it, losing it, destroying it.

2. You can only bring in sealed items through security like cigarettes, gum and chapstick so it can be easier to bring them in with you the first night and put them in the lockers so it is waiting for you on Saturday and Sunday!

3. Keep your cell phone powered up! Each locker has a universal cell phone charger. You can only charge one phone at a time though, so if you’re sharing the locker make sure to share.


4. For those who’ll be wearing costumes of some sort there’s a chance you’ll get sick of it or it’ll fall apart and you’ll want to put it somewhere safe. Your fluffies getting too hot or dirty? Put them in the locker! Lighten your load if you’ve brought too much along and put it in the locker.

5. It’s Las Vegas and although it might be hot during the day and it can cool down at night. So if you’re going half-naked you may be thinking about bringing a thin sweatshirt or top to be able to cover up. Also the EDC Shuttles often have air conditioning so it’s good to have something to throw on in the morning on the way back to your hotel.

6. The lockers make a great meeting point for your group!

7. A CamelBak is a vital accessory for anyone going to a festival and at the end of Saturday night you can either take it back to your hotel or home or you can just put it in the locker for the next day.

Lockers cost $75 for early bird pre-sale. Prices often rise as we get closer to the festival dates. Rent one here: lockers-EDC-Las-Vegas-2016

Additional information about Mobile Charging Lockers can be found at mobilecharginglockers.com.


ProTip updated from Rent a Locker with Friends by Keith Wozniak.


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