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Review: A Little Background on Arno Cost and His New EP ‘Coming Alive’

Paris’ golden star Arno Cost just released his first EP Coming Alive on Protocol Recordings. For those of you who don’t know, P.R. is Dutch house DJ Nicky Romero’s label. Cost’s EP will feature two fresh trac...
by Airec Syprasert


Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2015: Ashley’s Top Picks

Bouncing from stage to stage to catch a glimpse of each set is appealing to some festival goers. Then there are those like myself, shamefully addicted to one genre in particular. Insomniac is delivering plenty of diverse ...
by Ashley Miller


EDC Las Vegas 2014 Lineup in Soundcloud Links

We all have our favorites when it comes to dance music from Hardwell to Armin van Buuren to Avicii to Tiesto to Andy C to Diplo and everyone in between. There was a time though when you probably didn’t know who they were ...
by Keith Wozniak



This is House Music: Kaskade live from San Francisco Redux

House music has soul. It has a groove. It can take you on a journey if you let it and when it’s played out that way. House music doesn’t require a drop. Those are all things that Kaskade has delivered during his Red...
by Keith Wozniak


Trailer for Above & Beyond Acoustic Album and Film

Every genre of music reaches a point where people start to say that it’s all the same and there’s nothing different or new about it but in 2013 Above & Beyond took things to a new level by creating an acoustic a...
by Keith Wozniak