EDC Vegas ProTip #79 Find New Music, Don’t Be a Prisoner

We are now less than 80 days away from Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 in Las Vegas and today’s tip has to do with finding new music!  As Armin van Buuren says, “don’t be a prisoner of your own style.”

There’s some of us that are trance addicts, some of us into bass music, house heads, others into dubstep and the list goes on.  There will be a bit of everything  which means it’s a great time to check out something new.  To give you an idea of the varying styles a list was put together here (don’t nitpick the classifications you’ll get the idea) of all the artists at EDC 2012 in Vegas sorted by style.

When the lineup and time slots are announced pick the artists that are on your must see list but also follow your heart to wander.  You’ll spend a lot of time walking between stages to meetup with friends and going from seeing one dj to another.  As you’re walking around don’t be afraid to stop for a few minutes to listen to something different, you may just fall in love.

Personally, I love trance and at a recent large event I had hoped to see Super8 & Tab but the friends I was with wanted to hear Knife Party so I decided went along and had a great time and was surprised how much I enjoyed them.  There’ll be a lot of dj’s that you may never think about paying to see if they were booked at a local venue so a large festival like this gives you the perfect chance to expand your mind.

The opposite could also happen where you just hear a noise so bad you have to keep moving, like this last year labeled as “the worst noise heard at Electric Daisy Carnival.”

I’m sure someone likes that but obviously someone did not but you’ll never know until you give it a try!

You’re spending a lot of money for the festival so don’t miss out on your favorites but check out more.  If you’re with friends who want to see someone else take the plunge and make a compromise, you may just find something new.

Everything sounds better with big lights, big sound and a big crowd!

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