2014 ProTip #31: Don’t Throw Balls at DJs

This one is pretty simple and it doesn’t matter if you’re inside or outside, don’t throw balls at DJs! There should never come a time where anything is thrown at a DJ but saying don’t throw balls is a better headline.

As beach balls and any other inflatables start flying in the air you’ll feel motivated to punch it high into the air but whatever you do, don’t aim it for the DJ.

What about bra’s and panties? Some DJs would probably be ok with that.

Throwing/hitting a ball towards an amateur DJ could result in the following:

  • A prerecorded set being interrupted.
  • The sync button being turned off.
  • Preventing a Steve Aoki world record cake toss.
  • A drink being spilled.
  • Interrupting a timed bass drop with fireworks.

The picture above was from Tao Beach during EDC Week 2013 when Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz were playing a Sunday afternoon extended set and balls continued flying in their direction. Markus finally seemed to have enough and wrote the message on one of the balls before throwing it back into the crowd. Here’s the full picture (not rotated upside down):

Markus Schulz Dont Throw Balls at DJs Tao Beach

Laidback Luke had this experience:

And here’s Arty being interrupted:

Armin van Buuren has had 50+ yellow balls fall from the ceiling on his Armin Only tour when he played Ping Pong and he must have had hired an engineer to determine they couldn’t reach the top of the stage or he had a crew of snipers taking them out if they approached.


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