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EDC ProTip: Removing a Wristband You Put on Too Early

As you receive your ticket package and shuttle wristband in the mail there’ll be excitement to just put it on and raise your hand in the air in victory but we suggest you wait. Do you really want to be wearing it for seve...
by The Scene is Dead


The Last 14 ProTips of 2014: Be Safe, Eat, No Babies, Be Nice and Have Fun

We’ve written a lot of tips for Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and many can be applied to just about any festival. As we’re days away from the 2014 edition of the festival rather than try to make 14 separate p...
by Keith Wozniak


2014 ProTip #34: Think About What You’ll Need to Bring

Have you started making a list of what you’ll need to pack?┬áIt’s not a bad time to start thinking about it since we’re only a month away from Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014. There’s also a good ...
by Keith Wozniak