The Last 14 ProTips of 2014: Be Safe, Eat, No Babies, Be Nice and Have Fun

We’ve written a lot of tips for Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and many can be applied to just about any festival. As we’re days away from the 2014 edition of the festival rather than try to make 14 separate posts we decided to put them all in one and link the most popular and what we consider the most important.

14. Take care of yourself and your friends. Know your limits and the limits of your friends. Remember that Ground Control and the medical tent is there to help you out, not to get you in trouble. With 130,000 people there’s a lot of peer pressure to go over the limit but resist temptation. You’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars so remember it!

13. Don’t count on cell phone service and don’t count on your battery lasting all night. Plan with your group to meet up at certain spots throughout the night or at least at the end of the night. Don’t count on cell phone service to try to communicate. In 2014 they’ve said there’ll be WiFi access to Snapchat but have a plan b to meet without it. If you are able to send a text message or even a Snapchat make sure to add a time stamp to it.

12. Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Insomniac offers free water refill stations throughout the festival and will fill anything up that you present to them. You’re hanging out in the dry desert heat and whether you’re staying sober or using you’ll want to stay hydrated to keep your body moving.

11. Don’t make EDC babies! This was one of the most popular protips and while it’s amusing it’s also true. We’re all humans and it’s a party so if you hookup with someone make sure you stay protected unless you’re ready for a baby raver in your life.

10. Speaking of babies, call your parents or send them a text message to say hi and that you’re having fun. Assuming your parents know where you’re going they’ll be concerned, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Someday you’ll have kids and understand this one, just don’t make those babies at EDC.

9. Remember to eat food. Even if your appetite is completely shot you’ll need energy to continue your adventure so try to find something to digest and fuel your body.

8. For those driving make sure to have a designated driver and also keep an eye on the people around you because not everyone will follow this one. Others may be in a different mind-set so keep plenty of space between cars so no one is suddenly slamming on their brakes. It only takes a moment to fall asleep or get distracted.

7. As you go through security just keep in mind that they are barely getting paid minimum wage and they’re having to deal with thousands of people just like you. Empty your pockets and bags and make their job easy for them. If they give you a thorough search don’t get pissed off, they’re just doing their job.

6. Keep an open mind about the schedule/time slots. We all have our favorites of who we want to see but if friends want to see someone else than try to compromise with an open mind and listen to some music that could be a little different from what you usually listen to. You may like or you may hate it but at least you tried.

5. Be nice and do not judge. This should go without saying but keep an open mind. It’s a party and there’s one thing everyone can agree on and that’s having fun. Say hi, high-five or hug someone who may seem different from you because chances are they’re pretty similar.

4. You’ll have to use the bathrooms and there’s a science behind it. At every set of port o potties it’ll be human nature to just stop at the first open bathroom and use it. That’s what everyone does. For those really looking for something a little cleaner just keep walking towards the back and chances are you’ll find something that’s virtually untouched. For more details visit Rachel’s awesome guide to the bathrooms.

3. It’s an experience, not a concert. The music provides the soundtrack but there’s so much more going on around EDC and Las Vegas that you’ll want to wander around and experience all of it. There’s rides, performers, various art installations, vendors, art cars and more. As you’re making your way from one stage to the next remember to look around and take it all in.

2. Prevent yourself from being a grumpy pain in the ass. This is tied back into #14 above because if you don’t take care of yourself you’ll turn grumpy. Chances are you’re staying in a hotel room with a group of people and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is arguments. If you’re tired then go to sleep. If you’re feet hurt take a break and stop walking.

1. Have fun! This is the biggest one. Don’t let someone who bumped into you have an impact on your night. Don’t let that stinky person have an impact on your night. You’re at the biggest electronic music festival in North America so enjoy it, there’ll be a day things like this will be a thing of the past.

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