EDC ProTip: VIP Versus General Admission Tickets

For Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas you have the option of buying either a general admission ticket or a VIP ticket. Is VIP worth the additional cost over general admission? Is there one that’s better than the other? What are your friends buying? Every year there are people who only buy VIP and then there are others who have purchased VIP and decided it was a waste of money. Decide for yourself which option is the right one.

Depending on when you purchase your ticket (Early Owl, Later Owl or Sleepy Owl which is purchased October 1st or later), a VIP ticket will cost you from $355.25 up to $386.21 more than a GA ticket. (Find out more information on EDC Las Vegas 2016 prices and layaway options at How to Buy EDC Las Vegas 2016 Tickets FAQs.)

In 2015 here’s some of the additional benefits that VIP ticket-holders received:

  • A separate VIP entrance to the festival for rapid festival entry
  • Viewing decks overlooking some of the stages. Spacious viewing areas at kineticFIELD, circuitGROUNDS and cosmicMEADOW
  • Special carnival experiences — last year included photo booths, professional body painting, picturesque photo-op locations
  • Private Ferris wheel and ball pit at kineticFIELD
  • Complimentary drink options
  • Wi-fi hotspots and charging stations
  • Souvenir laminate and lanyard
  • VIP restrooms (lighted restroom trailers vs. porta potties)

Information is not yet available if any of these 2015 food amenities will be offered again in 2016:

  • Food trucks placed in VIP areas at cosmicMEADOW and circuitGROUNDS, allowing for quicker VIP access to a wide assortment of dining options.
  • Terrace restaurant offers a seated, high-end dining experience with a gorgeous view of EDC Las Vegas’ largest stage, kineticFIELD. Must have a VIP or Marquee SkyDeck wristband to enjoy this amenity.
  • VIP Café Terrace, a casual, fine-dining option for VIP ticket holders looking to enjoy a quick and casual bite to eat.
    • The VIP Café Terrace opens its doors from 7 am to 5 am each night.
    • Complimentary passed appetizers will be served from 7 pm to 9 pm.
    • Must have a VIP or Marquee SkyDeck wristband to enjoy this amenity. No reservations are necessary and tables and seating are first come, first serve.

Those things may be worth the extra money for some but for others not at all. The VIP lines to get into the festival are definitely a lot faster, especially if you arrive later into the evening when lines are at their longest. The ferris wheel is a great benefit as you rise up above the crowd at the back of the main stage giving you a view that no one else will have.

Ask your friends what they’re buying, if everyone else is buying general admission you’ll want to stick with general admission as well. As you’re hanging out with your friends you’ll quickly realize the VIP pass was not worth the extra money when no one else can join you.

Don’t expect to encounter any celebrities or  top DJs if that’s what you’re after. You may luck out but anyone famous is likely spending the thousands of dollars at one of the Marquee bottle service areas which is separate from VIP or hanging out in the backstage area.

The first couple of years of EDC Las Vegas you were able to upgrade to VIP for just one night, but the last few years it has been completely sold out.

Still debating if VIP is right for you? Here’s another ProTip to read: EDC ProTip: Live the VIP Life at EDC!

ProTip updated from EDC Vegas VIP Versus General Admission by Keith Wozniak.



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