Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 Layout Map has Been Updated

The Insomniac application for iOS devices has been updated and when you click through to the map you’ll find the layout for Electric Daisy Carnival 2013. It may not look like much at first but just remember how massive the speedway is and that all of this will have room for 115,000 people and still have room for more. Insomniac is spending $35 million and will have the biggest stage ever built for entertainment purposes out of scaffolding, as reported here first on this site.

There’ll be two mega structures, one for Circuit Grounds and one for Neon Garden.

EDC 2013 Map

The first map shows a general idea of the stage design where as the second map is just the layout for the application. A lot of the rides will be in the area between Circuit Grounds and Kinetic Field and the area in turn one of the track is where all of the artist trailers will likely be located.

A new location is where bass POD is off in turn two of the speedway and this is the expected stage:

xxxxxxxxxxx — You’ll have to wait and see — xxxxxxxxxx

Of course there’s Circuit Grounds:

EDC 2013 Circuit Grounds

The massive main stage of Kinetic Field:

EDC 2013 Main Stage

And of course we have Cosmic Meadow:

EDC 2013 Cosmic Meadow

There’s many more pictures out there, like The Scene is Dead on Facebook for all updates as well as @TheScene_isDead on Twitter.


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