2014 ProTip #21: Call Your Credit Card Company and Bank

This is tip that applies to any sort of travel to another state or country and especially a large city. Plan about 15 minutes over the next week and look at the back of your debit card and credit cards and call the 1-800 number on each and every one of them and tell them you’ll be traveling and when.

Why? So they don’t suspend your card due to possible fraud. Multiple charges out of nowhere in Las Vegas could raise some red flags in a computer system as spending that is out of the ordinary.

What happens if you don’t call them?

A worst case scenario is that the credit card company or bank may suspend your card and you’ll be stuck. They should try to call you to see if it’s really you but if you’re out somewhere without your phone you may miss the call or you could even have your phone but someplace without a signal. Life could also go on and nothing happens and there’s no problem. It’s better to be safe than stuck without money.

Pick up the phone, call the 1-800 number, find your way through to an operator and just tell them the dates you’ll be flying to Vegas and the date you’ll be landing back home. They’ll put a flag in the system to prevent any interruption.

A lot of us travel with very little cash, don’t suddenly get trapped with a frozen account!

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