2014 ProTip #22: Bring a Power Strip and Portable Router

This tip can apply to just about any vacation when you’re travelling whether it’s to a hotel or even a friend’s house. We all have phones and often travel with tablets and computers as well which means they’ll all have to be charged. How many people will you be sharing a room with? Probably more than a two. How many outlets will a hotel room have? A handful but probably not enough in convenient locations for everyone to charge their electronics.

The solution is to bring along a cheap power strip so you can easily charge your electronics. Don’t be stuck with a dead battery as you’re fighting over a limited amount of outlets. Stop by your local dollar store and pick up a cheap one. It won’t take up too much space in your luggage.

The other concern you’ll have is an internet connection. Unless you still have unlimited data on your smart phone plan you’ll be looking for WiFi as much as possible to share your pictures and videos and one place you won’t find that is your hotel room. Another concern is that depending on who your cell phone provider is and where your room is located you may not get a quality signal in your room. There are some hotels that do offer WiFi but a majority do not. The resort fee you pay includes a wired internet connection which will work with one computer. What if there’s more than one computer in the room?

The solution for this is to bring a long a portable router for your room. Plug in the rooms wired connection and you now have a connection for everyone to share. I brought along this TP-Link travel router in 2013 when I stayed at Excalibur and it was up and running in minutes. The $23.99 investment was worth it and it didn’t take up any space in my luggage.

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