Relive Electric Forest 2014 Through a 5 Part Video Series

As festivalgoers are patiently waiting until they are in the scenic woods of Rothbury, Michigan for Electric Forest taking place June 25-28, 2015, they can relive some of the some sights, sounds and memories of the 2014 festival through Insomniac’s 5 Part Video Series, “Take Me Home” plus four vignettes. This video series captures a glimpse into the magical world of Electric Forest, from the many adventures that can transform one’s spirit in places like the legendary Sherwood Forest, a wooded area packed with art, hammocks, secret saloons, meditation gardens, and intimate hangout spaces; to the stage performances and the music that brings everyone in the Electric Forest community together.

Electric Forest: “Take Me Home”

Electric Forest 2014 Part I: Expression

Electric Forest 2014 Part II: Foundation

Electric Forest 2014 Part III: Rejuvenation

Electric Forest 2014 Part IV: Connection


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