Alex M.O.R.P.H. Takeover: Interview and Review

Recently I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to experience the trance legend himself, Alex M.O.R.P.H. Trying to prepare myself for this night was nearly impossible. Alex is a complete beast behind those CDJ’s and this night was going to be a spectacular night! This particular show was hosted by Unity Events and the venue of choice was WildPitch […]

Electric Daisy Carnival

Celebrating 20 Years With The Electric Daisy Carnival

Insomniac hosted the iconic Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Speedway last month. The gigantic event was one for the books as it once again sold out, celebrating their 20th Anniversary. With a massive lineup of 200+ DJs from all genres of electronic music and a new layout of the Speedway, Insomniac made sure that […]

Electric Daisy Carnival

EDC Orlando 2016 Official Teaser

Insomniac returns to Tinker Field on November 4 & 5, 2016, for yet another fantastic weekend of sunshine, good vibes, spectacular art, performers, carnival rides and the best beats around. Last year was a truly magical event and we cannot wait for this years installment. With many more great announcements to come, this teaser video just […]


Review: A Little Background on Arno Cost and His New EP ‘Coming Alive’

Paris’ golden star Arno Cost just released his first EP Coming Alive on Protocol Recordings. For those of you who don’t know, P.R. is Dutch house DJ Nicky Romero’s label. Cost’s EP will feature two fresh tracks: “1000 Suns” and the title track “Coming Alive”. The first track, “1000 Suns”, is happy tune that leads you in with […]


Review: Bobby Puma ft. Desiree Dawnson Come Alive on Armada Deep

Bobby Puma, hot on heels of his recent huge collaboration with Tiesto “Making Me Dizzy“, is now back with a new release on Armada Deep. He joined forces with Desiree Dawson to create the house anthem of the summer, “Come Alive“. Desiree‘s angelic vocals introduce the track alongside high energy percussion, guaranteed to make you want […]



A Voice That’s Worth Hearing, Tommie Sunshine on Daft Punk

Electronic music was not invented in 2010 but the way a lot of people talk you could easily see why someone would believe that. This music goes back many years and has been featured on MTV for at least the past 15 to 16 years a...
by Keith Wozniak


Wet n Wild Las Vegas Water Park Will be Open in June

There’s a lot of things to do in Las Vegas that are not gambling related and the newest attraction, Wet ‘n’ Wild, will open by the time everyone arrives in Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival. If you’r...
by Keith Wozniak



Stop Stressing About Presale Tickets

When Pasquale Rotella posts on Facebook, sends out a Tweet or uploads a picture to Instagram picture related to EDC Las Vegas the world stops, reads it, likes it, retweets it, hearts it, shares it, tries to figure it out and th...
by Keith Wozniak


Groove Cruise Miami Announces Lineup

Over 15,000 lives have been changed forever by an oceanic experience unlike anything on earth. What started in 2004 with a group of 125 friends has now erupted into the world’s largest floating dance music festival. Each yea...
by Tory Clinton



Chattahoochee Hills Prepares for TomorrowWorld

Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia has a population of 2,500 people but is expecting 50,000 people later this month for the TomorrowWorld festival when it takes place in the southern part of the rural county. The town has been meetin...
by Keith Wozniak


2014 ProTip #23: Learn How to Create a 3D Kandi Cuff

Kandi has been a big part of the rave scene for decades.  It can have many meanings as a symbol of friendship, a remembrance of a memory or even simply a fashion statement.  Kandi can come in all shapes and sizes but each pi...
by Brittany Cassiel



Proof That the EDC Philly Posts and Images Are Fake

The internet is on fire tonight with the explosion of posts and images saying that Insomniac briefly posted images for EDC Philadelphia 2014 from May 2-4, 2014 but there’s a simple way to prove it was a fake, the custom u...
by Keith Wozniak


How to become big in current EDM scene

This could be one of the best things written on the internet this week. Arctic Moon is a trance producer Poland and he nails this perfectly. There’s more in the link below but he gives you the four things needed: 1. Have ...
by Keith Wozniak



Encore and Surrender Announce EDC Week 2014 Events

We’re one step closer to EDC Las Vegas 2014 when venues start announcing EDC Week 2014 events and The Wynn has released their initial parties hosted at Surrender Nightclub and Encore Beachclub. Encore Beachclub will be ho...
by Keith Wozniak


2014 ProTip #26: Choosing Festival Meet Up Spots

Over the last few year one of the biggest questions I have been asked is, “What are the best meet up spots inside the festival if you break away from your group?” The easiest way to pick your meet up spot is to find...
by Tory Clinton



EDC ProTip: Rent a Locker With Friends

You’re going to a three-day festival with thousands of people and you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff around with you, so what do you do with it? Rent a locker! Lockers are approximately 8″H x 12″W x 18″D,...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens


Ultra Music Festival 2014 Megastructure

Less than a week away until the Ultra Music Festival 2014 kicks off in Miami! Here are some photos of the megastructure and mainstage coming together!   Getting ready to start the construction for the Ultra megastructure. ...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens



EDC Vegas ProTip #16 Have One Credit Card Ready for Hotel Check In

This tip comes directly from a hotel front desk agent who asked to have this posted to help make their jobs easier and also make the check in process faster as well. The quicker you get checked in the quicker the next person do...
by Keith Wozniak


2014 ProTip #27: Keep an Open Mind To Something New

Now that the official EDC Las Vegas 2014 lineup has been released by Insomniac, the next thing that everyone will be asking about is when will the set times be released.  Last year the festival schedule was released on June...
by Dave Jurgens



BPM Festival Tickets On Sale November 3rd Plus Phase 1 Lineup Announced

The BPM Festival will be returning to Playa del Carmen in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula on January 9-18, 2015. Celebrating its 8th anniversary in 2015, the 10-day festival will have over 75 events to choose from. 2014 was a re...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens


EDC Vegas ProTip #74 Educate Yourself and Know that Less is More

This tip comes from the days that I used to be involved with Dancesafe and harm reduction in the rave scene. It’s pretty simple, educated party goers are safer party goers. The world isn’t stupid when it comes to wh...
by Keith Wozniak



Civil Lawsuit Against Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac Dismissed

The California Supreme Court has dismissed the pending civil lawsuit against Pasquale Rotella and Reza Gerami stating that the Coliseum Commission failed to show that the two had deprived the stadium of money from raves held t...
by Keith Wozniak


EDC Las Vegas 2015: Ticket Sale Questions and Answers

We’re only hours away from EDC Las Vegas tickets from going on sale. Are you ready to buy your ticket or do you still have some lingering questions? Maybe you’ll find your answer in our FAQs below. You can also hea...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens



EDC Vegas ProTip #82 Don’t Forget Chap Stick

Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 in Las Vegas is less than three months away so it’s time to start providing some pro tips so that you have the best festival experience!  I’ll provide a pro tip a day every day with the...
by Keith Wozniak


We Are All We Need – North American Tour

Above & Beyond is an English electronic dance music group consisting of members Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki. Formed in 2000, they are the owners of London-based electronic dance music labels Anjunabeat...
by Tory Clinton